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I am an intuitive artist who produces functional work and sculptures. I am inspired by nature and create from within to express myself by showing a connection between my  inner and outer world. 
I am drawn to abstraction as a way to uncover and express my feelings and emotions. I mainly work with stoneware clay, producing different coiled forms and applying personally created colourful slips. I also like experimenting with glazes and making my slips and glazes from scratch. 
I have created a collection of 11 creatures representing my journey through grief. By creating my sculptures I am giving a release to everything that is holding me back.
I transfer my vision to plates or coiled vases by painting on them. I use plates as a canvas to paint fragmented faces on.
The faces represent a goddess, strength, vulnerability, freedom, intuitive side, inner vision.
There might be a message that comes from within just saying  ‘love yourself’, ‘I see you’, ‘You are loved’.

Susan Peterson said in her pottery book:  “Confrontation with clay can bring us into contact with the self-earthy, intense, passionate”. This statement is very true. Working with clay has helped me rediscover myself.   

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